Water penetration into your foundation walls is the number one cause of structural damage to your home or building.  The water works on the foundation in two ways the most basic involves the freeze and thaw cycle that will eventually lead to cracks in your foundation and a displacement of the walls.  The send and less obvious effect water has on your foundation is erosion due to the acidic nature of polluted rain water. When the acidic water interacts with your cinder blocks the blocks slowly break down over time.  People tell us all the time “I thought it was only a small crack, and i could fix it later.” This way of thinking is deeply flawed. Your walls may hold up for the next 50 years with that crack or they could come crashing in with the next rainfall.  Take a moment to imagine the immense pressure that is being exerted on your home by the forces of nature to move a wall with a house sitting on top of it!

There are several way to repair a foundation some better than others. First let’s just simplify things and say this, carbon fiber strips are nothing more than a band-aid.  They do absolutely nothing at all to support or improve the integrity of your home. When HydroArmor comes out to repair your foundation we will take one of several approaches. The most basic is using steel I-beams to reinforce the wall, while this method is incredibly strong it will affect the resell value of your home.

The Second approach that we take more often than not is to move the wall back in to place. We are one of the only companies in this industry that can do this. When we are finished it will be as if nothing had ever happened, the wall will be back in its original place.  To repair a foundation is a large undertaking but the alternative is an uninhabitable home, and what good is a house house that you cant live in?

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