Structural Repair

 "Old School I Beams vs New Tech Carbon Fiber Strips. In this video, one of these foundations is in the Monroe Twp, Hamilton Twp area, the other is in the Cherry Hill, Marlton area. The Hydroarmor pressure relief, I Beam system cost $22,000.00 and will last FOREVER. The Box and Carbon Fiber Strip system cost $23,000.00 and failed within three years. The unfortunate Foundation has had to be replaced at a cost of $80,000.00 +. - So, I beams by Hydroarmor $22,000.00, Carbon Fiber Strips by other $103,000.00 +, this video? Priceless. --Daniel J OConnor"

Go ahead and call the other guys for an estimate, when they tell you they are going to use carbon fiber strips and a box system make sure you have 888-808-9523 on speed dial so we can hear you tell them you're going to hire HydroArmor Systems to Protect your Home!