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Waterproofing Your Basement - Finding the Right Contractor


New Jersey was the third State to join the Union in December 1787. One of the smallest States it sits on the northern end of the east coast. Its total area spans only 8,721 square miles, making it the 47th largest State - or the third smallest. Because of its proximity to the north west Atlantic Ocean New Jersey is one of the States that tend to suffer from seriously inclement weather, including hurricanes and tropical storms. The results of these heavy storms can be a huge clean-up operation, a massive amounts of insurance claims and some serious water and flood damage.


 After hurricane Sandy caused massive destruction along the entire coastline, people had huge cleaning bills, damaged houses, flooded basements and other expensive issues to deal with. Since then, many people have used NJ basement waterproofing professionals to secure the basements of their homes so that further water damage can be prevented.


What to Ask a Contractor


When you speak to a contractor who specializes in basement waterproofing, ask about the procedure and how they begin the operation. They will be able to tell you, step by step, exactly what they will do to your basement, both on the inside and the outside. The entire process should begin with a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of the property around the lower floors. They will assess how the water is likely to flow during heavy rains—for example, if water will slope toward your home and they will also assess any cracks in the pipes, damp areas, foundation stability and other factors that could indicate that there is already any water damage to the property. Inside the basement the professional will also test for damp and mold as well as assess any remedial work that needs doing, prior to the waterproofing process.


You should also ask about pricing and set a budget that you know you can stick to. It’s always easy to plan a budget, but, if you are recovering from serious water damage you will have some heavy costs to pay, especially if you have no homeowners insurance. Even those who have coverage will have to pay a deductible, but if you are simply having your waterproofing done as a matter of future protection, get a good price from a certified contractor. - Daniel J OConnor

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