How to Raise a House

With over 40 years of hands on experience no one else can touch what Daniel J OConnor and HydroArmor Systems can do. How many other companies out there can jack up a house to repair caving in walls or level a home with a sinking foundation?

Many companies will tell you that they do foundation repair, they will assure you that they can do the work; but do you know that for sure? Talk is cheap. What is their reputation? Do you know who owns that company? Does the owner have his name on every job, and every contract guaranteeing the work? Will they guarantee the work as long as you and the next home owner own the home? Dan puts his name and reputation into every single HydroArmor job. His home address is on every contract, he does not have to hide behind a corporate veil because he has that much faith in his crew and craftsmanship.

"I basically believe all other Companies who use "Foundation Repair" as a key word or in any other form of advertising are all up to their a$$es in their own bs. I will say as an absolute, No Other, Company, Owner, or any of their crews can do what I do or knows how to do it. Hydroarmor Systems is my Company. My name is Daniel J OConnor. When you get an estimate from any other Company just ask the salesman what a "post and beam house jack" is. Their expression will be priceless. The squirming "uh, duh, uhm's'" will give you quite a chuckle. After which you can simply tell them to get the F - - -  out of your house. - Daniel J OConnor

With a Warranty that will Protect your home long after you're gone and your kids are thinking about having babies in their childhood home why would you consider any other company? Give us a call today 888-808-9523 Today!