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Got Mold What is Basement Waterproofing Need Foundation Repair What is a French Drain

Mold Removal Services in NJ

Got Mold?

The planet is covered in mold. It's estimated that fully 25% of the earth's biomass is mold. The air we breathe is a virtual jungle of mold spores, and it's always been that way.


Mold Removal in New Jersey


Protect Your Home from Mold

While some forms of mold are fairly harmless, there are dangerous types of mold that can lead to major and minor health problems for you and your family. If you notice mold or conditions that are ideal for the development of mold, contact Hydro Armor for mold removal services in New Jersey. Our experts will make sure the mold is safely and completely removed from your home and that the conditions are not conducive to developing more mold in the future. We offer high-quality mold removal throughout NJ.

A Safe Process

Mold is not easy to remove safely and completely. Our experts are trained and experienced in the most effective methods of mold removal in New Jersey to reduce the risk of spreading the spores so you can trust your entire family will be safe. We want to make sure that the health of your family is not compromised as we conduct the removal, which is why we work hard to isolate the mold location and safely remove all the mold. We use the toughest cleaners to make sure the mold is completely gone.

Prevent Future Mold Problems

Our processes for mold removal in NJ will also reduce the risks of developing more mold in the future. We don’t solely work to remove the existing mold from your home; we also work hard to determine the cause of the mold and then help you resolve the root cause. Removing the mold without addressing the root cause will lead to future problems. We make sure the risks of a future problem are significantly diminished so you don’t have to worry.

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Got Mold What is Basement Waterproofing Need Foundation Repair What is a French Drain

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