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French Drain: Why it May be the Solution to Your Wet Basement

What I write here goes hand in hand with the video, (when there is a video) the blog won't make sense without viewing.


The question here is meant to be slightly sarcastic. Please forgive me. The term "French Drain" is what nearly everyone relates to Basement Waterproofing and for countless other water issues. I am what I am, no fluff.


Is a Go Cart a Cadilac? No? Why not? They both have wheels and a motor? You get in, hit the gas and go. Same thing. Right? Okay so let's say the Go Cart is an old fashion real French Drain or more realistically, one of these "Bottom Feader" Companies inexpensive Basement Systems. Let's say My System, a Hydroarmor System is the Cadilac. If you go and take the Go Cart out on the highway or freeway, considering all the other cars, tractor Trailers etc., as the water heading toward your foundation, what do you think is going to happen? Now on the other hand, I'm out there in my Cadilac, cruising along listening to loud music, talking on cell phone, texting maybe, eating a sandwich, picking my nose or whatever without a care in the world. Complete PEACE OF MIND. Me and my Cadilac in command of the road... - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)

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