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Foundation Repair - Horizontal Cracks - Comparing Methods

Repairs Depend Upon the Type of Crack and Your Future Intentions

When you call a contractor for foundation repair in NJ, he will assess the type of damage in your basement.  A Contractor who wants to do what is best for you will also ask what your intentions are for the basement.  The three repairs in this video would be suggested by responsible Contractors only if you intend on finishing the basement.  I do not believe in One of these repairs, "Carbon Fiber Strips" but that does not mean a Contractor who suggests these is not being responsible nor considering your needs.  He may believe in them.  I don't.

One of these three may be used when you intend on Finishing the basement as they will be unseen.  YOU ARE NOT HIDING ANYTHING!  I will always suggest addressing the cause, lateral pressure, by installing a Pressure Relief Waterproofing System as well.  If you do intend on Finishing the basement my suggestion is actually a must do kind of thing but I don't press and let you make the decision.  

If it is your intention to do a repair to sell a home.  I already know you are looking to do just something to satisfy a previous Home Inspection that will have a Warranty.  I also know you will not wish the added expense of installing a pressure Relief System.  If that be the case Hydroarmor Systems will never Compromise our Integrity by including any Structural Warranty without a Pressure Relief System.  In short, do not call us if you want a structural Wall warranty so you can sell the home.  Do call the Carbon Fiber Strip Guy.  You will get a warranty.  The warranty has many pages and most buyers nor their Lawyers ever read it.  If after you buy and further wall movement occurs and you call the Carbon Fiber Company you will be told they are not responsible and then duck further phone callks from you.  Perhaps then you or your Lawyer will read the Warranty and then discover you really have no Warranty for the conditions of which the previous Home owner Purchased the Strips.  And in this?  There is no one you can sue for financial relief.  You will be told, "you should have read the Warranty."  Nice Business isn't it?   

If you intend on finishing the Basement I am quite sure you will want to prevent future Water Damage and/or Mold so please do give us a call.  Our Structural repair will have a warranty covering any future movement for the time you own the home and will be transferable to the next home owner because you have included a Pressure Relief Waterproofing System.  Now That's Confidence! 

If you wish to restore the Foundation to it's original condition, yet many times stronger there is another blog and video which reveals how that is done.  

Yes there are two Categories, #1 REPAIR, #2 Restore.  - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)


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