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Here is an example of a very honest man. Dan from Hydro Armor came out to my house to give me an estimate on water proofing my basement’s foundation. What he found was my neighbor had a pipe leaking water and was running into my basement. So I did not need Dan’s services. He could have told me anything to get the job but he didn’t. I offered to pay him for his time but he would not take anything told me to have a nice day. I will recommend Hydro Armor to all my friends and neighbors and when I need Dan’s services I will use only him. What a breath of fresh air to see a man with such high integrity and honesty. Do yourself a favor use Hydro Armor only.

Gloucester, NJ

We just had Drains installed in our New Jersey home basement. Dan was a great help with all we needed to do to get it done. It was a great experience. The workmen were excellent. They did all they needed to do in a very timely manner. Any questions we had were answered immediately. I found all the workmen to be extremely friendly and capable of doing their jobs. If I ever had another problem or any friends who need anything like this done I would recommend Dan and the Hydro Armor team.

Steve & Peggy S.
Sicklerville, NJ

This is my third time having water management done to my basement, hence, the subject. Subsequently I’ve done a tremendous amount of research. After Hurricane Irene my life as a homeowner changed drastically. The devastation caused to my basement left me hopeless and disheartened. So much so that I wanted to just walk away from my home of 18 years, as is. Not only was I consumed by black mold and mucky water in my finished off basement but I was severely depressed. The obligation of using a shop-vac on a daily basis had become a part of my life. Initially I thought the water in my basement was ‘only ground’ water. However, when the ‘ground water’ started accumulating in other areas of my basement I realized my water management system had failed once again. I began doing searches on the Internet for reputable water management companies. I was not impressed by any until I viewed Dan O’Connor’s You Tube videos. Naturally I watched each and every one of his videos. I watched and observed and felt extremely confident that I had found the company I wanted and trusted to fix the havoc Hurricane Irene had presented to me. Before even meeting with Dan, I sensed his old school values as well as his sincerity. After meeting with Dan, I knew for certain that he was a straightforward type of person. Our four hour meeting reinstated my opinions. Of course I had many, if not more than many questions and Dan had an answer for every one of my questions. Very impressive and reassuring. His lifetime warranty sealed the deal. The fact that he does not nickel and dime you is remarkable in this economy. I had met with Dan a couple days before Christmas 2011 and by Christmas day Dan and his wonderful crew was diligently busy at getting my basement back to normal. At this stage I am enjoying my ‘dry’ basement and I would like to thank Dan, Dave (his foreman) and all of Dan’s wonderful hard working crew for giving me the best Christmas gift I have ever received. A company who stands by their word certainly is one to be commended and recognized!! To sum up, quality, honesty, integrity, and respectfulness are only a few words I use when speaking about Hydro Armor Systems. Props to you Mr. Dan O’Connor!! It’s good to know there are still decent and reliable contractors around for homeowners!! A job well done!! Respectfully,

Judy M
Jamesburg, NJ.

When Dan comes out to your house to give you an estimate it is unlike any other contractor you will ever meet. It is more like a course in how water enters your home and how to STOP it! He is the BEST, his workers are the BEST, his prices are the BEST! You cannot go wrong with HydroArmor. Forget the other companies. No high pressure to sign on the dotted line. Go with HydroArmor and you won’t be sorry! Do it right the first time!

Vincent Calabrese
Mercerville, NJ

I can’t thank Dan and his crew enough. We have had an issue with water seepage in our basement since we bought our house in 2005. After every heavy spring rain or major storm, we would have water come up through the cracks in our basement floor. This made it impossible to enjoy our basement and make it a living space. Dan not only proposed a solution but it also came with a great price and an unbeatable warranty! His crew was amazing. They attacked the project with a focus and determination that I have never seen before. Not only did they work hard, but they worked well together, increasing the efficiency and quality of the job. I don’t know where Dan found his crew, but they were the hardest working and most prepared crew I have ever seen. Please, please, please, don’t look any further than HydroArmor for any basement waterproofing project you need. The product they produce is of a quality that you will not find anywhere else. Dan, thanks again and I can’t wait to turn our basement into a living space that the whole family can enjoy!

Steven Bittman
South Bound Brook, NJ

I have lived in my home for nearly 10 years and I would get water in my basement after almost every rain storm. I would come home after work and spend hours with the wet/dry vac to remove the water. It was such an awful feeling to know that while I was sitting at work, my basement would be filling with water. NOT ANYMORE!!! After Dan and his fabulous crew installed their basement waterproofing system, I haven’t had any water in my basement! Even after Hurricane Irene came to town, my basement was still dry!! This system is well worth the investment and I highly recommend Dan and his crew!!!
Thank you

Kim Stroyek
Pitman, NJ

We bought our house 5 years ago with a carpeted, finished basement. We found out the only reason it was dry was the former owners hotwired the electric heat on. When we disconnected it the carpet became wet. There is also a very high water table in our neighborhood. We have tried several different companies over the years, one put in a french drain system but the musty smell continued to be present. We came upon this website with its informative videos and called Dan. He came over and was able to take the time to explain how to solve the problem. We did a lot of research prior to this and Dan was able to address every question we had with practical, intelligent solutions. He and his crew went above and beyond our expectations. They came in and worked with us to correct the poorly installed former system. They worked quickly, efficiently, and left us with a finished basement again, including a new staircase. About a week later, we noticed water pooling under a wall and called Dan back. He came to investigate and found that we had a kitchen drain pipe leaking in the ceiling above the basement, running down the lolly column and pooling on the floor. We would never have guessed that. Dan really knows his stuff, it’s a pleasure to work with him and his company.

Sam and Susan
Spotswood, NJ

Amazing company! A few months back I interviewed 3 different companies about having the water problem in my basement fixed. My problem was not just a water problem it extended farther than that to the point of my contacting an agent to sell the house. I had bought the home in an uninhabitable state and attempted to fix all the problems myself (I am a 40 year-old single woman) along with my folks who are in their 70’s. I had attempted numerous ways to clean and seal in the foul animal odors into the sub-flooring. Then I laid carpet. After a year the smell returned–more horrific than ever when water got into the basement and the house was damp. At times I had a lump in my throat and had difficulty breathing–tried volcano rocks, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers–nothing worked and even put in a new air conditioning unit that supposedly would keep the house dry. I researched Ozonators to suck the smell out too. Anyway– after interviewing 3 companies I picked Dan who came highly recommended. He even came out to my house and spent over two hours explaining how the water rose up around the foundation to get in, etc. He was my last hope or I was gonna sell. Well, after the job was completed we had horrific thunderstorms and my gutter in the back ripped off the house leaving me to relay on Dan’s system entirely to keep water out. It took about a month to get a new gutter and we had some terrible storms–NOT ONE DROP OF WATER IN THE BASEMENT! and NO HORRIFIC URINE AND FECES ODOR FROM DAMPNESS! Dan is awesome–He will do what he says and do it well. He even put in a backup system for me and was the ONLY person I could find that was confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty. No contest folks–go with this guy!

Susan E. Casper
Exton, PA

I chose Dan and HydroArmor because he isn’t just a salesperson, but actually work along with the crew. They were all very polite and hardworking. Not having to worry about water in my basement again feels like a huge weight has been lifted. As a single female home owner it is extremely important to find workers that you can trust and they didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend HydroArmor!

Clifton, NJ

Hi Dan O’Connor, I just wanted to say that since I have done my fair share of home renovations over the years that its nice to see you exposing all the fraudulent companies out there that are taking advantage of people who do not know any better. Furthermore, I also want to thank you for the videos you made on weeping holes and how important they are for revealing the pressure on the walls…..this topic has always been a very grey area for even allot of contractors and your common sense videos tell the truth. I do have a question for you as foundation walls are not really my strong suit………once you jack hammer your inside walls out 10 inches and dig them below the footer… what happens to the weeping holes? after you cover the inside wall back up with new concrete I noticed that in the video the weeping holes look like they are higher than the finished floor………do the upper and lower weep holes in the wall just drain down the sides of the wall into a drain in the floor that heads to a sump pump? Anyhow…that was my question–or should I say questions in a question lol………..Fyi—-you should become the holmes on holmes of the foundation world………your videos with the right production team could generate more business for you and you seem to have a good personality and the look that tv would like to work with …………you should pursue this
idea… anyhow thanks for videos……….they are fantastic. Cheers!

Toronto, Canada

I was having water in the basement problems and had called 4 different waterproofing companies for estimates. Dan O’Conner from hydro armor took the time to explain in great detail why I was having the water problem and how he would fix the problem once and for all. He and his crew started the job when he said they would and completed it when he said they would. The problem actually turned out to be from a leaking water service that went undetected because of all the rain and snow we were getting at the time. it was nice to know that Dan’s system was keeping up with my leaking water service with no difficulty at all. once the water service was fixed my basement has remained bone dry since and we’ve have 7 heavy rainstorms since. Dan and his crew were very friendly and polite and answered any questions I asked. I would recommend them to anyone that has a leaky basement. if you use somebody else you’re really taking a chance.

Warren P
Bordentown NJ

After reviewing multiple waterproofing and basement experts, I came across HydroArmor with Dan O’Connor. Dan gave me a crash course on the problems a foundation faces each day and why it is important to protect your home from extensive water damage. He taught me what to look for in a contractor and why most waterproofing companies systems fail. The fact is most companies do not dig to the foundation footer. Time and time again, I spoke with various companies and not one mentioned digging to the footer. They did not deem the extra work necessary. As I spoke with friends and co-workers whose systems have failed, I realized the extra work was imperative. HydroArmor was not the cheapest bid I received but it was the best for the money. Dan’s crew was highly professional and courteous. They took the extra time to cover my floors and items in the basement to protect them from dirt and dust. The crew completed the job in two days and my basement looked like they were never there. I highly recommend HydroArmor to anyone who has water problems in their basement.

Frank L

If you need a wet basement system, look no further. HydroArmor is the right company to hire. Dan O’Connor’s knowledge and expertise shows in his work. After opening up my floor, Dan noticed a bigger problem. Where most other companies would’ve walked away, Dan took on and conquered the job. His crew was very polite and respectful during the entire project. On time, within budget, great work.

Wayne, NJ

Before I hired Hydro Armor I interviewed several waterproofing companies and they were clearly the best value. I greatly appreciated the waterproofing education they provided and the fact that they didn’t use the high-pressure sales tactics that their competitors did.

During the job, Dan and crew were very knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough. They kept me abreast of their progress and answered all of my questions.
In the end, they provided the right solution at the right price and all the work was done professionally. I will definitely recommend Hydro Armor to my friends and family.

Edison, NJ

Dan is a true professional from start to finish. I had water leaking into my basement. Dan diagnosed the problem, two days later his team started the job and finished right when he said they would. A friendlier and more courteous and respectful bunch I defy you to find. My basement was left in a better condition than it was before they arrived!! After each step of the job one of the guys explained everything done and what was left to be done. It’s the little details like that that make a big difference for me at least.

Thanks Dan, Tom, Steve and the rest of the crew for doing a fine job.
I whole heartedly recommend HydroArmor, with no reservations

Bob Penny
Monmouth Beach, NJ

To Dan & the Team at Hydro Armor Systems,
I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for your dedication and professionalism in ensuring that our basement job was completed not only on schedule but beyond our satisfaction. I truly appreciated all the efforts made by your guys to keep the mess to a minimum and clean up as if they were never there. Everyone was professional, honest and courteous and I was very pleased. You all are very committed to a job well done and I am more than very satisfied with the whole experience.
Thanks again – keep up the good work! Excellent Job!!!!

Janet Ferrara (SAYERVILLE, NJ.)
Janet Ferrara Marketing Executive Administrator
Nomura Asset Management U.S.A. Inc.
Two World Financial Center, 225 Liberty Street, 18th Floor
New York, New York 10281-1712
Direct: (212) 667-2107
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“I needed to do two projects; All the windows in my home were leaking. In winter, the windows were always wet and dripped water down the bricks on the outside of my home and on the sheet rock inside. There was also water in my basement and we were getting a moldy smell. I got 2 estimates from window Companies for the windows. Then I got 4 estimates for the Basement.
Dan O’Connor from HydroArmor was the only person to explain that the problem with the windows was caused by the water in the basement. Since the estimate to fix the basement was less than half to do the windows I took a chance and gave Dan the job.
On the very day the basement job was being finished, all the windows began to dry up and the mold smell was gone. That night, everything was dry. My wife and I are very happy. Dan saved me all that money I would have spent on new windows. I am very happy.”
Amarjit Uppal
Neptune, NJ

“When I bought my house I spent a lot of money to finish the basement. After we moved in we got water. A basement waterproofing Company fixed a portion of my basement but soon after the rest of the basement got water. When I called the original waterproofing company back they told me I would need a separate contractor to remove my Movie Theatre room and my Bar area.
I contracted with Hydro Armor because of Dan OConnor’s experience as a Carpenter. We were very concerned when he took everything apart. The Basement was a disaster. But he solved the water problem and then piece by piece put everything back together. Both my wife and I scrutinized every part of the finished job but the workmanship was flawless. We were very impressed.”

Mr. & Mrs. Sharma
Edison, NJ

Dan has the nicest crew. His men were very courteous and professional. I am 88 years old and I was very worried about getting this job done. But I have so much trouble getting down the stairs when it rains to clean up the water. I know I can be a hard nose and tough on contractors because I want my money’s worth. And I did put the screws to Dan and his crew but they were all so nice. I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry about the water anymore. I would recommend Dan and his crew to everyone.

Dena MacNab
Wood Ridge, NJ

My wife and I sat thru 7 estimates. We went with HydroArmor not because they were the cheapest but because the salesman wasn’t a salesman. The Company has all the same credentials and licenses as all the others but it was obvious that Dan and Bob also perform the actual work.
It was the easiest experience we ever had with a contractor. They did exactly what they said they could do.

Mr. & Mrs. Lodato

I wanted to share my experience with Dan and his company.
My wife has numerous very complicated medical issues. As a result, I am extremely careful/picky when doing any work on our home.
I contacted Hydro Armor, and made an appointment with Bill to review my concerns about our crawlspace.
Bill arrived on time, and proceeded to spend over 3 hrs with us, explaining how they could address our issues.
My questioning was very thorough, having spent over 1 month researching methods and materials for crawlspace repair and encapsulation.
Bill left, and we immediately made a second appointment to address some health issues with my wife.
Again, Bill spent over 2 hrs at our home, until EVERY question was addressed and resolved.
We contracted to have the work done, and they arrived on the morning of the start date. The crew was polite, clean, and clearly well trained. The crew worked tirelessly around my wife’s special needs.

The work was completed on time, the job site is spotless, and the final product has far exceeded even my picky expectations.
Dan returned the final evening to do a walk through with me, and to receive the final payment.
I also wanted to say that we brought in other companies to give us estimates, but they were more interested in signing a contract than working with us on our unique needs.


David S
Medford, NJ

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