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What Can I Expect During a Basement Waterproofing Estimate?

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in protecting your home, your belongings and your family’s health by choosing basement waterproofing. Knowing what to expect during a basement waterproofing estimate is important, as it will help you choose the best waterproofing company for your needs, as well as what services will be most advantageous for your home. Each structure is unique, which is why cookie-cutter solutions are rarely effective.


For this reason, it’s important to select a company that comes to the home for an estimate instead of giving you an estimate over the phone. Until your home is looked at and evaluated, the true cost and extent of the services cannot be determined. So, at the very least, make sure the estimates you do collect are from companies that are coming to your home to inspect the issues at hand.

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What Will the Contractor Look At?


A thorough estimate will address all possible concerns, such as:


  • What is causing the cracks?

  • Where is the water coming from?

  • Is there a structural problem?

  • Are there any other cracks?

  • What is the best method of repair?


Additionally, a contractor will want to look at both the interior and exterior of the home to get a full understanding for what the problems may be. They will want to know how long you have lived in the home, the age of the dwelling and whether the leaky basement is something new or a long-term problem.


How Long Will the Basement Waterproofing Estimate Take?


Estimates, on average, take 45 minutes. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want - you can’t make a decision until you are completely informed.


Will I Get a Basement Waterproofing Estimate Right Away?


Most contractors are able to give you a quote after evaluating the home; although some will email you a day later, especially if the issue is complex. You’ll have to ask the contractor about how firm the estimate is, as many companies leave a small window for price fluctuations, mainly for the cost of materials.


What Do I Need to Get Started?


If you like what you hear, most companies only require a small deposit to get the project rolling. The balance will be required at the completion of the project. Of course, take your time choosing a company. Basement waterproofing is an investment, and you want to work with a company that has positive reviews, a strong work ethic and impeccable results.

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