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What is Basement Waterproofing?


Basement waterproofing is costly but can be necessary for a basement that is prone to leaks. If your basement has persistent dampness, cracks in the floors, walls and foundation are most likely at the root of the problem. What basement waterproofing does is prevent water from entering the basement. This technique is highly effective and eliminates the worry of dampness, flooding and mold growth.


If you’re noticing water in the basement, it’s important to find the culprit. The first question to ask yourself is how the water is getting in. Start outside and ensure that all gutters and drainage systems are moving water down and away from the home. The soil around the foundation should also encourage water to move away. By maintaining gutters, downspouts and other drainage systems, you can avoid many of the potential problems that lead to leaky basements.


Sometimes, having your basement waterproofed is necessary. There are several different techniques that are used, and a waterproofing contractor can help determine the best solution. One method seals the interior walls and floors, the second repairs interior water damage and the third fixes exterior drainage coupled with waterproofing agents.


Minor repairs can cost $300 to $500, while larger repairs can cost $2,000 to $20,000. There is no “one size fits all” solution, so be sure that you’re looking at the total picture. A basement that has movement in the foundation walls, deteriorating sewer lines or cracked walls needs a combination of solutions. While it may not be fun to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for waterproofing, it’s often necessary in order to save the integrity of the home.


The important thing to remember is not to wait when you find water or dampness in the basement. There are certain approaches that are inexpensive and will offer protection, preventing more serious, long-term problems from occurring down the road. If you’re beyond the maintenance point, be sure that the waterproofing project fits the profile of your basement, the specific problem and the construction of the home.

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