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What is $26,000 to you?

$26,000 is a lot of money! Some people barely make that much in a whole year! In this video I show you a job that we did for $34,000.  "Woah $34,000 whats all of this about $26,000?" you might be wondering.  This job had a total foundation failure. Think implosion.  The whole wall came in because of the pressure of the dirt, water, mud.  If you have structural damage like a crack in your foundation all it takes is one rain fall to make the whole entire wall come in. This will compromise the structural intregrity of the house. It will cause you to be evicted because the dwelling is no longer safe for human occupancy.  This family had several other estimates all for around $60,0000! to repair the damage! $60,000! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! We fixed the problem and waterproofed the basement for almost half the cost!

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