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Welcome to the HydroNation!

Welcome to the Hydro-Nation! First of all I want to thank each and everyone of my customers and youtube subscribers! My company HydroArmor Systems recieves over 40 calls a month from people all across the United States and Canada asking if I can help solve their waterproofing problems.  I have thought long and hard about how I can best serve the community, not just in my hometown but far and wide. I bought my own airplane! I Gutted it and then rebuilt it myself.  I do happen to be  master craftsmen. I used to flip homes in the early nineties before it was popular.  Two of my redesigns and rebuilds where in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  Can't do that anymore because I'd be working alone. The Craftsmen who could work with me are long gone in that kind of work.  What we do now, Basement Waterproofing and structural repair is easy but make no mistake, my guys are the best of the best.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 


I am proud to annoice We'll be setting up in States and Cities near you.  Do not worry, I have made many plans to absolutly ensure that I can guarantee  my Daniel J OConnor commitment to absolute workmanship and quality Service.

Give us a call at 1-888-808-9523 to schedule a free estimate, if we are not in your town yet let us know where you are so we know where we are most needed.

  - Daniel J OConnor

Protect Your Home and Family.™
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