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Video: Hydroarmor Basement Waterproofing - A NJ Contractor since 1977

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I'm Dan Oconnor of HydroArmor Systems and I want to thank you for choosing my company. We do basement waterproofing and structural repair. I have been a contractor in the state of New Jersey since 1977. We do have over 35 years of hands on experience. For many years I have been making videos to educate my customers about the hows and whys of basement water proofing and structural repair. But also to expose how other companies can cut corners and other systems that just don't work.
This trench should be ten inches beyond the footer which is double the amount of work. This contractor wants to cut corners and get the job done in half the time. Well he just does half the work.  This trench has got to go down to the bottom of the footer and the trench has to be dug this wide.  This is the box system on top of the footer, there is the water.  Water down here, Box system up there.  This is where they installed their pipe, down here is where the water is. Here's the water down there, there's the box system up there. The water is supposed to go in to here.
How's it supposed to get in to there? I don’t know. Doesn't look like it works very well to me. This is the pipe here, Here's the water. This is the width of their trench, right here. It needs to be this much wider. Down here is where the water is. If you dig your trench down to the bottom of the footer and you put your pipe down at the bottom of the footer there isn’t going to be any water.  If your hire another contractor watch my videos and see how the specs have to be done. Make sure they do it and you will get a good job. 
My videos are seen across the United States. Its not about me getting all of the jobs its about making sure that anyone out there will get their job fixed.  This is a structural repair that will prevent this from ever happening. You've just seen a brief clip of the many videos that I've put together for my website. You will find them extremely informative revealing some of the most vital information you can acquire on the entire internet. If you do watch the videos you will be far better prepared for the process of getting an estimate.  I want to thank you again for contacting HydroArmor Systems we look forward to Proving You with an Estimate.
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