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The Science of the Water Cycle #2


My "Science of Earths Water Cycle" video, supported by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture provides the most Educational Information about what causes a wet moldy basement and/or foundation structural damage anyone will find on the entire Internet. In the second part of this video we open things up talking about Washington DC and the Army Corps of Enginers.  You might be wondering what they have to do with waterproofing You can watch the video to find out or keep reading.

Basically In Washington DC no one can build higher than the Washington Monument this caused everyone to build below grade to get the most out of their space. By building below grade there were many issues with *Wet Basements!* Mr. French had designed his "French Drain"  in the 1800s while it worked well there was plenty of room for improvement. That is where the Army Corps of Enginers Comes in. They took Mr. Frenches Design and made it better. Washington DC would be underwater if it were not for the type of system We install!

If you keep Viewing and understanding the information here on "Science of Basement Waterproofing" combined with "Science of Earths Water Cycle  will make you more of an expert in the Basement Waterproofing Industry than any salesmen,installer or Company in the Industry.  Get a few estimates from other Companies before calling Hydroarmor Systems and you'll find them quite humorous.  Daniel J OConnor

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