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Save Money, Save your Foundation!


There are many companies out there offering waterproofing at discounted rates. They claim to be able to do the job in half the time for half the money, but you have to think how is it possible?


A trench has to be made to specific specifications for the system to work correctly, there is no way around it. It has to go to the bottom of the footer every time.


It does not matter how deep we have to go, there is only one right way to install a proper basement waterproofing system! When you do the job right there is a lot of material that has to be removed from the home and the only way to do that is one bucket at a time. It is a lot of hard work. As the old saying goes hard work pays off, by doing the work right we can prevent the need for  costly future foundation repairs!


There is a reason we are the ones that people call when the discounted system falls short and leaves you with a basement full of water.


If you want to save money give us a call 1-888-808-9523 and we will do the job right, the first time.

Protect Your Home and Family.™
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