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Restore and Repair a Failing Foundation Wall without Replacing

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On this job this is called a pressure relief system, which means it is supposed to relieve lateral pressure. When you go with the lowest bidder, I'll show you what happens... This is a horizontal crack. The reason its here is because of lateral pressure, which should have been relieved by the system. Now can I exactly say the system was installed before this happened? Absolutely. This is how much the wall has moved.
You can see the drain board is against the lower block three inches inward. When there are corners cut, it ends with the concrete where I would ordinarily use a jack hammer. There's your footer. There's your pipe.
Now this, this is dirt. All they did was break out the concrete for show.
And the pipe is 3" ADS. The salesman will show you 4" ADS. It looks like the same but its not—it's cheaper. And they dug a little narrow trench just to put the pipe, which is why the system will never work. Had this system been installed properly, this would never happen.
Now, many people will say "Oh we gotta replace this wall." I don't need to do that; I can put this wall back in place and save the wall. This is a $27,000 repair job now. That could have been prevented when the system was originally done. This is the wall that had the bow in it. You can't see the crack, so I'm going to put my glasses on. Alright this is where the crack was.
Right here is the crack. Now the bottom of the wall was kicked out Its nice and flush, never gonna have a problem with this wall again. Now, I'm the only person in this industry that does this. If you can find somebody else that does this...Well, They've probably seen my videos. (That's right We bad ::laughter::)
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