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Its a BIG JOB!

Most people have no idea how much work it is to do an an exterior waterproofing job.  First we have to dig a hole all along the wall to the bottom of the footer. It depends on the job, sometimes it is just one wall other times it is all four walls. Then we have to do something with the all of that dirt.  Once we have access to the wall our top notch crew gets in there and does their thing, reparning the foundation sealing it adding rock and gravel to promote drainage. It is a lot of work. If we can save you money by doing an inside system we will every time! Unfortunately, Some foundations can only be waterproofed from the exterior. 


There are Companies who say they do the same job as Hydroarmor Systems but for a cheaper price.  Imagine having your whole yard torn up and after "Slap Happy Waterproofing Inc."  takes your money and the wall still leaks, only then you discover your "tail light" warranty.  Meaning, when their finished and driving away and you no longer see their tail lights, the warranty is up.  - Daniel J OConnor

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