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I Have Mold in My Basement! Now What?

Discovering that you have mold in your basement is a gut-wrenching feeling. How long has it been there? Has it spread to other parts of the home? How much will it cost to fix? Until you have a professional mold company inspect the property, you won’t know the answers to these questions.


Mold needs three things to grow: a source of moisture, food and a dark space with little airflow. To get rid of mold, you’ll have to eliminate two out of these three things. If you don’t, the mold will likely recur.


Since mold cleanup is the responsibility of the homeowner, many people are left scrambling when they discover mold in the home. The sampling of mold is costly, and the materials needed to run these tests are often not available to the general public. This means that homeowners can see and smell the mold, but they know little else about it.


When reading sources online, you’ll find that a bleach solution is recommended for cleaning up mold. There are also other recommendations for washing and disinfecting moldy areas once the mold has been removed, but the problem is that the underlying source of the mold is not addressed. What people really need is a thorough, heavy-duty clean-up that removes the mold for good.


When having a professional company clean up mold, they can also determine the root cause of the problem. When dealing with basements, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to require some type of waterproofing. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive and effective measures that can be taken to waterproof this area. Once the cleaning has been done, you can rest assured that your basement is safe for your belongings and your family.


Mold is something that you shouldn’t gamble with on your own. It can be particularly harmful to infants and children, pregnant women, people with allergies or asthma and those with lowered immunity. Since it’s difficult to have mold tested on your own, you won’t know what you’re dealing with. By calling in a professional company, the mold can be adequately tested for its type and potency.

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