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How to Choose a Sump Pump for Your Home

My response to "How to Choose the Best Sump Pump" is simple, there is no choosing, there is only one. As a "chain is only as strong as its weakest link," so too a Basement Waterproofing System is only as good as its Sump Pump System.  If there were anyone who could prove to me beyond the shadow of MY doubt that there was a better sump pump system I STILL WOULD NOT USE IT !  35+ years of hands on experience?  A Hydroarmor  warranty for the time you own your home which is transferable to the next owner?  I'm a "if it isn't broke don't fix it" kind of guy.  Until my Pump System Fails Me, there is no other choice.


And  Zoeler doesn't pay me anything for talking up their pumps.  Actually I use the Zoeler 1/3 HP because of reliability and longevity.  A 1/3 HP can last 20years or more.  If ever replacing a Zoeler you I take it to a supplier and get $25 for it.  Any that I have ever replaced have all been close to or  well over 20 years old.  (Serial Numbers is how I know)   As proof that Zoeler does not pay me, their 1/2 HP sucks for use in most basements.


A 1/3 pumps 44 Gal. Per minute.  A 1/2 pumps 72 Gal per Minute.  More is better right?  Wrong!  An amount of water needing to be pumped out must correlate to Gallons per minute.  Any wall lineal footage system more that 104 ft requires two pumps regardless of HP.   If a 200 ft system had only one pump location and let's say the pump is a 100 HP (doesn't exist)  and can pump out a thousand gallons per minute, the water from the far end won't get to the pump fast enough and will come up thru the floor etc..  Thus, two pumps two locations.  Two 1/2 HP will pump 144 gallons per minute.  If 100+ gallons of water per minute is not entering so that the time frame of emptying the pump pit is less than 30 seconds, than there will never be enough water to allow the pumps to last.  Wow, that's a statement.  Briefly, it would be incredibly rare for any home to have 100+ gallons per minute to pump out in.  In all Basements, the pump pit fills at the same rate per minute based upon how many inches of rain fall per minute.  A 1/2 HP jets it out, it fills again, jets out, fills.   A 1/3  pumps less gallons per minute thus emptying the pit slower yet the pit fills at the same rate.  In essence, the 1/2 HP pump is triggered thousands of times more than a 1/3.  More electric usage but mostly the on off switch wears out within 3 to 5 years and yes I have had to replace many of those.  Bet you thought I was just an ignorant ditch digger eh?  35+ years.  There is a reason for everything I believe in.


Now you may be a "wanna know everything" researcher type with plenty of time to do so.  You may want Hydroarmor to do your job but request I use a Pump You have selected.  Sorry I'll pass.  If that pump fails for whatever reason who are you going to call to come out and fix it? ?  The manufacturer?  The UPS guy who delivered it?  At Hydroarmor we do not have a service dept because we don't get service calls. I do not wish at any time for one of my gays to take a half day or so to address your pumps issues.    


In short, "when in Rome?" - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)

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