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How Basement Waterproofing Will Save You Money

When preparing to have your basement waterproofed, you’re probably not thinking about saving money. Waterproofing a basement is an investment, and it can be hard to shell out the money in the beginning. What you do want to know is that basement waterproofing CAN and WILL save you money. Hopefully this will give you the added motivation - and security - to move ahead with your project, protecting your home and finances.


Here are three ways that basement waterproofing will save your family money.


Boost Your Home’s Value


It’s a tough market out there, and you want to be able to sell your home for as much as possible. Unfortunately, if your basement has flooded or has regular issues with leaking, potential buyers may be turned off from purchasing a home that needs additional work. Fixing the problem ensures that your home retains its value. Also, by finishing your basement, you’re adding 33 percent more usable space, making your home bigger and more functional. This means more money in your pocket, a shorter time on the market and more demand for your home when you do sell.


Lower Your Energy Bills


Are you tired of receiving high electric and heating bills each month? We don’t blame you. Thankfully, waterproofing your basement is one more effective way to reduce your utility bills and consume less energy. The waterproofing process involves sealing the foundation, keeping the below-grade area blocked off from the outside elements. In return, you’ll need less air conditioning and heat to keep the home comfortable.


Fewer Trips to the Doctor


If your basement has mold, it’s very likely to cause a variety of health problems, especially for those with allergies or asthma. If you or someone in your family has difficulty breathing, nose congestion, headaches or fatigue, you’ll spend money on doctor visits and medications to ease the symptoms, not to mention the hassle that this creates. The longer you let mold sit, the more problems it will cause. A healthy, mold-free basement will keep your family safe and healthy.


It’s easy to overlook the basement when it comes to home updates, but giving this space a bit of attention offers both short- and long-term benefits that will save you money today and in the long run.

Protect Your Home and Family.™
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