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Foundation Repair Fundamentals

The is a difference between Repairing a Foundation wall and restoring a foundation wall. There are three common methods that are used of repair. In this video I examine each one to help you to make a well informed decision as to waht is best for your home and situation. The first segment I cover I-Beams. These are a great fix but they have a downside. When we are done you will have I-beams bracing your walls and will have a hell of a time selling your house because it is quite obvious you once had a problem. The second segment is Carbon Fiber Strips, I wont say much about that here you will have to watch and see what I do! Finally I talk about Wall Pins, this is my go to method for repairing a foundation. Not only does it solve your problem it will be fixed to the point that you can not even tell there was a problem in the first place.

If you want a quick summary about I-Beams, Wall Pins and Carbonfiber Strips -- Hydroarmor Basement Waterproofing will only install two of these systems! I do not believe in the other. - Daniel J OConnor

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