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Exterior vs. Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior Systems vs Exterior?  Every time I do an estimate for a customer who is adamant about getting the foundation waterproofed from the outside, is so because they have paid 2 or 3 other Companies for an Interior System that fails.  They have given up on it.   No way would they let anyone ever talk them into an Interior System again.  Although I do Exterior Systems, I do so based only on my beliefs, I will always take a pass on this Customer.  I can't help them, too far gone.


For me to do an Exterior System at $30,000 or $40,000 when I am 100% sure an Interior System will solve all issues, it doesn't sit right with me.  I'm sorry, won't do it.  


When I do an estimate it's what I decide the solution should be that I will give a customer an estimate for.  Even when a customer tells me the price is fine and they want me to do the job but they want me to do one or two things differently I won't take that job either.   It is not about being stubborn or about my ego.  It certainly is not about Money.


What is a belief?  What do you believe in?   If I took the job and the money and did something other than what I believe in and it failed?   Who's fault?  If I give in and do what a Customer wants, contrary to my beliefs, I fail that Customer.


An Exterior System Requires and interior system also for me to give a Lifetime Warranty and a Wall Warranty.  Primarily, I do Exterior Waterproofing Systems when combined with Foundation Repair but will also include my Pressure relief system.   My Interior Pressure Relief System alone does come with a lifetime warranty which is the best WRITTEN Warranty in the Industry.  When hiring Hydroarmor Systems for a Foundation Repair, an exterior Waterproofing System and My Interior System is always included.  My Estimate might be a little higher than others who are addressing the repair only but I like to dot ALL my i's and cross all my t's .  And an ounce of prevention, by doing all three, is worth the peace of mind.   - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)  

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