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Dont buy the pitch! You don't need a Pitch!


There are many gimics in this industry and it frustrates me to no end.  PVC pipe, Box Systems, pitching the trench, all of these things just do not work. I have built this company on my name, my reputation. I stand behind my work and my system. As a consumer I have been ripped off and taken advantage of, I have seen people loose their hard earned money, and it pisses me of!


Before youtube was even around I saw the need to educate my cusomters. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? I have been filming my jobs for years!  Once youtube came around I saw it as a powerful tool to educate homehowners on the hows and whys of basement waterproofing. If a customer is more educated they will ask the right questions, they will know what to look for, it is not about my company getting all of the jobs, its about helping people all across the country save money and protecting their investment.

  I have been in this business long enough to see the trends come and go and I am still here because my work stands for itself. If you need your foundation repaired, or if you want to stop your leaking basement Give our office a call 1-888-808-9523 and schedule your Free Estimate today!

Protect Your Home and Family.™
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