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Do DIY Mold Testing Kits Really Work?

If you suspect mold in the home, the next logical step would be to purchase an in-home mold testing kit. Do-it-yourself mold test kits are sold online and through most home improvement stores. While these kits do work to an extent, the problem is that they only tell us that mold is present, something that we probably already know.


When you suspect a true mold problem, it’s in your best interest to call a qualified mold professional who is experienced in collecting and testing samples of mold. The samples will be sent to a professional laboratory and provide accurate results. The three types of mold tests include air testing (air), surface testing (household surfaces) and bulk testing (pieces of material).


Since mold spores fluctuate over time, a professional will test for mold in several different places. This type of accurate testing goes beyond what any DIY kit can do. Where in-home kits simply identify mold, samples collected from a professional company will determine the mold’s location; analyze how much mold is present; evaluate the type of fungus; and suggest how to get rid of the mold.


Even though DIY mold testing kits may appear to be effective, state health officials agree that these tests are not necessary. When you see mold in the home, you have a problem. At this point, you need a professional company to come in, inspect the damage and determine a plan for treating the issue.


There are many benefits to testing for mold since it can provide a clearer picture as to what fungus you’re dealing with, the extent of the problem and the air quality levels in the home. Most molds are not dangerous, but black mold is a concern, and quite frankly, a force to be reckoned with. Since this type of mold has toxic effects on the body, you should never try to test or clean it on your own.


When it comes to the health and safety of your family and pets, it’s always best to call in a professional from the start so that you know exactly what’s going on beneath your home’s structure.

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