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Add Creative Space to Your Home by Finishing Your Basement

If home is where your heart is, then it’s time to get real about what you can do to maximize your living space. With a recent recession behind us, a growing number of baby boomers downsizing their homes and young families waiting out a tough housing market, space is an issue for everyone. What can you do to expand your space? Finish your basement!


If your basement is dark and dingy, it’s time to put this space to use. A company like Hydro Armor can professionally finish your basement, giving it a homelike feel where you can entertain, relax and have somewhere to go on a rainy day. Finishing your basement is more affordable than you think, especially for what it offers. Best of all, if there are issues that are concerning you - mold, leaking water - we can fix these up for you, too.


Here are a few of our favorite ideas for what you can do with your basement.


Game Room


Whether you have kids, teenagers or a husband who’s pushing for a man cave, the basement makes the perfect game room. It doesn’t have to flow with the rest of the house, so you practically have free reign. Add a pool table, a gaming system or a dart board. Build a closet where you can keep board games, and install warm overhead lighting to complete the look.


Kid-Friendly Space


Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe, fun place for the kids to play that wasn’t under your feet? Well, there is. A finished basement offers plenty of space to run, play and be loud. Here’s a great idea: Paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard paint so the kids can color. There are also great wall units where toys can be kept neat and tidy.


Hobby Room


If you have a hobby you love but don’t have space to do it, the basement is a great place to pursue your dreams. Whether it’s painting, photography or quilting, you can set up all of your tools without having them clutter up your living space. And, you can choose lighting and decor that complements these interests.


Guest Nook


Do you have guests who come to stay with you? Give them their own space in your basement. To be really unique, carve out an area for the bedroom and a small lounge area equipped with a couch and TV. This way, your family can use the lounging space when you don’t have guests over.

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