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The 5 Steps of Professional Mold Removal

When it comes to mold, it can be difficult to get the facts straight. That’s because there are over 100,000 types of molds out there, and they all have different effects. Not all mold has adverse health consequences, and people seem to tolerate most molds just fine. Keep in mind, however, that we only have good information on a few strains of mold; therefore, we can’t be certain that there aren’t other forms of mold that can compromise human health.


One of the most dangerous types of mold out there is black mold. Black mold can cause serious health issues, such as allergic reactions, headaches and chronic coughing. It can have especially negative effects on young children, senior citizens and those with allergies, asthma or immune deficiencies. Black mold favors wet, dark spots, making basements a prime breeding ground for it. If you notice mold in your basement, contact a professional mold removing company immediately.


Here’s what you can expect.


1. Assessment


It’s important to identify that black mold is indeed present. Sometimes, people will smell something funny, but good companies will not do any work until they find the mold. Black mold is black or green in color and has a slimy feeling.


2. Containment


Black mold reproduces through spores in the air, so it’s important to contain the mold immediately. Unfortunately, the mold removal process can move these spores around, causing the mold to grow in other places. To prevent contamination, the mold removal company will use plastic sheeting and tape.


3. Filtration


Even though plastic sheeting is helpful, it only goes so far. The air will need to be cleaned of mold spores, which is done by professional-grade HEPA filters.


4. Mold Removal


Hard surfaces are easy to clean, but porous surfaces like wood are not. If the infestation is severe, the wood may have to be completely removed from the home. It can be difficult to lose some of your belongings, but remember that all mold needs to be removed, otherwise it will reproduce.


5. Repair


The good news is that when hiring a basement waterproofing company like HydroArmor, you can have the damaged parts of your home repaired. Also, contractors can fix the problem that was causing the mold in the first place, such as leaky windows or a cracked foundation.


Remember, black mold needs moisture to survive, so by keeping a dry basement, you can eliminate breeding grounds for this toxic material.

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