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4 Tips For Keeping a Finished Basement Mold Free

Mold will eventually grow in any and all finished Basements.  Most, a toxic mold.  All "after the fact" attempts such as air scrubbers will eliminate mold from the air but it will keep growing behind the walls etc..

Proactive prevention BEFORE finishing is an absolute must and in this video the 4 Tips are to #1 Waterproofing Basement #2 install the best Sump Pump System, #3 clean and seal any existing mold with mold detergent and anti microbial sealant, #4 Install condensation proof mold proof insulation/vapor barrier on all walls. -


If your Basement has previously been Finished without a waterproofing system, unfortunately, it will eventually need a proper Basement Waterproofing System.


To fully understand why,  Consider an"after the Fact" air scrubber pulling Mold spores toward it, filtering out mold and blowing scrubbed air outside. (blowing out allows drawing to) If due to continuous mold growth there are always mold spores there will always be mold existing in the air and behind the walls that is continuously being drawn to the scrubber to be filtered.  If the cause or the supply of moisture which is feeding the growth of mold is not eliminated there will always be mold.


An example of this is:  Consider a foot of water in the basement and a pump pumping it out but simultaneously the same amount of water is getting in.  Thus, the same amount of water will always remain.  The basement will remain flooded.   Make Sense?

Basement Waterproofing in NJ that will help Eliminate Mold


It’s important to take changes in health status seriously. If you or anyone else in the family has been suffering from the below listed symptoms, it may be mold in the basement that is causing the problems.


  • Allergy symptoms

  • Respiratory symptoms

  • Coughing

  • Skin rashes

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Decreased attention span


With a waterproofed basement, you have more functional space to enjoy, more time with friends and family and peace of mind that your basement is not at a constant risk for for mold, let alone flooding or leaking. To be sure that you have a safe, healthy home that provides you with full use of your finished basement, please address the Basement Waterproofing first. If the Basement has previously been finished You do not need to completely gut the Basement and start over. You may notice in the #1 step that we remove and replace only what is needed to install a system. This additional cost can be minimal with Hydroarmor Systems as we reduce unlit pricing on all jobs with volume of work included in each job. - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)

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