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4 Reasons Your Basement is Flooding

Beyond these FOUR REASONS, other beliefs like downspouts, clogged gutters and grading ONLY ADD to THESE FOUR.


1. The Earths Water Cycle. Water travels underground.


I was 21 yrs old when I started my Own Business. As it was and still is, all us young ambitious types always start out in new construction. "Young and Dumb." Builders hire the lowest bidders and that would be all us "newbees." Long story short, new home building is all about production. An excavator will dig out 15 or 20 holes for foundations, along come the footer guys and behind them the Block layers. Way back then I was quite perplexed when ONE or TWO HOLES would be filled with SIX FEET of water and the others BONE DRY. Mostly I was just pissed off knowing I wasn't going to make any money on that one. Generator, Mud Pump, walking around in slop all day slow down etc., etc.. I did ask a Super or two once or twice and the answer was always "WATER TABLE."

Now, I'm there looking at TEN HOLES all dug out to the SAME DEPTH and only TWO have the SIX FEET of Water in them.  Water Table?  But - What the?  

Frankly, at 21 yrs old the only kind of research I was interested in was discovering which Jersey Shore night clubs attracted  the Hottest Chics.


2. Hydrostatic Pressure

So after watching this video it must make sense that water travels underground.  That said, did you know that water can also travel UP HILL?  For a "Do It Yourself" in home experiment take 2 same size glasses, fill 1 half way with water and the other empty.  Put them side bye side, take a paper towel and twist it like a wick, put one end in the water filled glass and the other the empty.  The water will wick up and over and into the empty glass until both gasses have an equal amount of water.  


Do you live on a hill and can't figure why You have a wet Basement?  There is Higher ground somewhere.  Could even be 1 or 2 or several miles away.  Right now you might be thinking, "your screwy Dan," because you could stand on your own roof and not see any higher ground.  Yes, true, you might not.  But then once upon a time the world was flat right?  It's ROUND remember?  Youmight not see the mountain but its run off and underground water flow is heading your way.   Uh, make sense? 


3. Acid Rain

History:.  No one ever talks about air pollution or smog anymore.  Does anyone know what a Catalytic Converter is?  They come with every new car.  (I'm hearing "Jeopardy" Music)  We all hear "Global Warming" but why might that be happening?  Uh, air pollution from that once known industrial revolution of the Twentieth Century?  And yes all that is still up there.  And wow can you imagine what kind of toxins are up there?  Acids? 

And the Earth Recycles water and those toxic or acidic dust particles come down with the rain, into the soils and are heading your way.

4.  Concrete or Cinder Block Corrosion.

Go to Home Depot and ask what the best paint would be for your basement Floor.  It will be suggested you "etch" it first.    What is etching?   They will show you a little plastic jar of acid crystals, mix it with water, scrub the basement floor and then wash thoroughly.   The acid will separate the top sand particles by reacting with the lime.  Those sand particles would be the ones to loosen and cause the paint to bubble or appear to be pealing up.  If you etch first that paint will last for decades.  If you paint a concrete floor without etching and the paint peals right away and you go complain to someone the first thing they will ask?  "Did you etch it?"  Oops, no warranty.

30 yrs or thereabouts, that's the magic number.  The acids in the water around your 30 or so yr old foundation have been eating away the tar, soaking the Concrete or Cinder Block causing reaction with lime, sand and cinder particles.  Concrete Block, Cinder Block and yes even Concrete Poured  foundations corrode and get soft letting more and more of the water in.  - Daniel J. OConnor (HydroGuru)

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