Avoid the Bait and Switch

"I truly wish for all consumers to know what they're up against in the Waterproofing Industry. There are so many blood suckers in our world today. For those of us of service who have compassion and integrity, the bloodsuckers consider us Fools. they're fools. They prey on people who really need help with many life issues. We all can be desperately in need of help and vulnerable. We can only see something in someone else if it exists within us. It is so unimaginable to us that there are people, companies, bloodsuckers such as these to exist in our world. We are conned and fooled into a false hope. We give them our last dime and they laugh at us all the way to the Bank. And yes I've said "WE!" I've been conned out of money and it can be heartbreaking. And so, in my industry, I'll be damned if I let it happen to YOU. Takes a lot of my time to make all my videos. YOU'RE worth my efforts." - Daniel J OConnor

Time and time again HydroArmor Systems has been called out fix the work done by unscrupulous contractors.  These guys often work  in fly by night offices only staying in business a few years then closing and moving offices to avoid the legal implications associated with their bloated warranties. Buyer Beware, Read those contracts and read what they are selling you. There is often a great deal of fine print that absolves these guys from everything. Some guys even include declarations of War as a reason why they cant gaurentee their work.

HydroArmor keeps it simple, our contracts tell you exactly what you are going to get and what we deliver.  We dont have fine print. Dan puts his face on every video, his name on every job, and his Home Address on every contract. How many of the other guys can say that?

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