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Basement Waterproofing – Mold Removal – Foundation Repair – Crawl Space Encapsulation

Hydro Armor Inc. was established to set the highest standard in the Basement Waterproofing Industry. Daniel J. OConnor is a second generation Mason / Foundation Specialist with over 30 years of “Hands On” experience. His extensive knowledge of structural damage and repair is unrivaled. When it comes to mold, waterproofing or water management systems, time tested products and components are the standard, but superior workmanship, value and continued customer service are why Daniel J. OConnor, now Hydro Armor Inc. has enjoyed such longevity in this Industry.


“I chose to work in this industry because the work is easy and I was able to train workers to be craftsman in a less demanding industry with a singular focus.”

Dan has been a true craftsman his entire life. He began working in the construction industry at the age of 16. “I started my first business in 1977 in roofing and siding. From there I went to framing and building, designing decks additions, kitchens, and flipping high end real estate. I designed and built a kitchen in 1989 which was featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. In 1985 we purchased a 9,200 square foot waterfront home, completely redesigned from the ground up in 7 months time with a total investment of $450,000. It sold for $950,000 this home was also featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. In those days my unique innovative designs and my ability to perform all tasks with my own two hands is and always has been unparalleled. My pristine workmanship, professionalism and craftsmanship goes without saying.”

Dan decided to begin working in the waterproofing industry because he knew it was a field in which he could excel and as he says “It is Easy.” Sure the work is hard labor, and back breaking, but compared to what he has done in the past it is easy.  Waterproofing work can be done almost all year, it does not involve being out in the hot summer sun all day. Most the time on waterproofing job is spent in a cool basement. It was a cake walk compared to his past endeavors.

After working in the Home Improvement Industry for his entire career Dan knew there were plenty of scam artists looking to make a quick buck. Getting started in waterproofing and foundation repair was no easy task with so much bad information out there. Dan knew the only thing he had to stand on was his reputation. He refused to give in to industry pressures, he knew what was right and how the jobs had to be done to ensure a lifetime of home protection.  Dan often talks about going on sales leads time after time when he was first starting only to find out he lost the job to another quick buck company that left customers with little more than a tail-light warranty. “When you cant see their tail-lights anymore you wont see them or their warranty.”  All of the salesmen used the same slick pitch with the same pictures, he would come in and tell the customer something so different they would think he was the one full of _____. He knew something had to change.

Dan began creating videos to educate his customers about the Hows and Whys of basement waterproofing. Believing a video to be the most powerful medium of education he began to debunk the myths, to show customers why his system is the best and how many other companies can and do cut corners. Creating videos has become a passion for Dan, he sees the bigger picture, a world in which the customer is informed and educated. Tradesmen deliver what they say they will and everyone wins. His YouTube Channel has over 1.5 MILLION views from people all over the world looking to educate themselves about the problems they may have in their basement.

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