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About Hydro Armor


Basement Waterproofing - Mold Removal - Foundation Repair - Crawl Space Encapsulation

Hydro Armor Inc. was established to set the highest standard in the Basement Waterproofing Industry. Daniel J. OConnor is a second generation Mason / Foundation Specialist with over 30 years of “Hands On” experience. His extensive knowledge of structural damage and repair is unrivaled. When it comes to mold, waterproofing or water management systems, time tested products and components are the standard, but superior workmanship, value and continued customer service are why Daniel J. OConnor, now Hydro Armor Inc. has enjoyed such longevity in this Industry.


Dan O'Connor Founder

Daniel J. OConnor

Jim Danielson Foreman

Jim Danielson

Dave Kleinfeld Waterproof Tech

Dave Kleinfeld
Waterproof Tech.

Frank Giomattia Basement Spec

Frank Giomattia
Basement Spec.

Tony Limpert Basement Spec

Tony Limpert
Basement Spec.




Reliability, Experience & Quality Service

- Over 30 years of Hands-On Experience  -The Best Choice for Value, Quality, and Continued Customer Service



The Basement Guru Basement Makeover

Delapatated Basement Delapatated Basement:
- Moldy and Damp Walls
- Foundation has Structural Damage
- Not Used Effectively
- Sump Pump Not Even Working
- Health Hazard
Hydro Armor Basement Hydro Armor Basement:
- Home-Like Feel - Quality
- Created New Living Space
- Entertain, Enjoy, Relax!
- Finishing Leaves No Tracks
- Affordable Refinishing
Protect Your Home and Family.™
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